Wrap Around Row Cleaners Model C125 / C125S

Cannot be combined with any unit mount attachments, but can be operated behind single-disc fertilizer openers. Side treader wheels (STW-01) and internal deflectors (ITDC125 set) are standard. The C125S is not for use with coulters.

  • C125 floats in front of most existing unit mounted no-till coulters; C125S floats in front of double-disc seed openers
  • C125S fits Max-Emerge, Kinze and White 6000 series planters
  • Threaded depth adjustment limits down travel while allowing the semi-mounted frame to follow the contour of the land
  • Moveable axles with the Martin Exclusive D-lock System allow a multitude of mounting positions (intersect, offset, retracted)
  • Set back brackets (USB-70 or USB-72) can be installed on planter units to allow the use of C125 on planters with bar mounted fertilizer openers (not needed on C125S)
  • 13″ diameter, 3/8″ thick, high strength, right and left toothed steel wheels (15″ wheels may be used on certain planters)
  • Stationary triple lip seal
  • Heavy gauge oval dust cap
  • Tapered bearings
  • Heavy welded frame pivots on hardened bushings
  • Internal Deflectors can be added to aid in clearing tough residue from the teeth and to reduce the amount of trash that is tumbled forward
  • Side Treader Wheels can be added to provide flotation and traction for the wheels in soft or loose conditions
  • Weights are available for severe conditions

Optional C125 Cam Adjustment

Allows rapid adjustment of C125 units from ground level to complete disengagement with 12 quarter inch increments in between. Order CA-01

Martin Row Cleaners provide a simple, cost-effective, way to eliminate the problems caused by excessive crop residue in the seed row area, while maintaining the benefits of mulched row middles. Residue is not buried, just moved aside to improve planter performance.

The Martin Wrap Around Row Cleaner C125 places toothed wheels 7″ in front of the no-till coulter to move ] residue before the coulter enters the soil. Model C125S places toothed wheels in front of the double-disc openers to move residue before the seed opener enters the soil. The unique high rear pivoting frame construction on all models transfers part of the planters forward motion into down pressure, while still leaving the row cleaner free to follow the contour of the land. The C125S is designed to operate behind forward mounted fertilizers openers and can be operated behind single-disc fertilizer openers.

The lightly tilled residue free zone offers these distinct advantages for planter operation:


  • Eliminates unit bounce
  • Allows for fine tuning of seed depth placement
  • Gives herbicides in the row area contact with soil
  • Permits sunlight to warm soil and speed germination
  • Does not scrape the soil surface and seal off pores
  • Will not create a furrow, like discs
  • Model C125 allows coulter to crumble the soil more completely
  • Model C125S does not throw out soil under wetter conditions as in coulter or multiple coulter setups
  • Ridges can be cleared without reducing their height