SCW 1370 / 1372 (Spading – Closing Wheels)

The Spading/Closing Wheels move soil toward the seed at planting depth, while lifting and fracturing the surface layer to achieve compaction-free closing of the seed trench in wet, hard, or sod conditions. With soil firmed around the seed from each side and the surface layer loosened, crops emerge sooner and planting can be done at the proper depth, even in wetter conditions, without fear of crushed soil above the seed preventing emergence.

In wet conditions, the soil is prevented from forming a continuous ribbon by the lifting action of the teeth as they rotate up out of the soil. The layer of soil above the seed is actually elevated 1/2″ to 3/4″ compared to a row that has been closed using regular smooth closing wheels. This creates a miniature ridge that sheds water and helps maintain a warmer seed environment.

With Martin Spading Closing Wheels, the seed trench is actually closed from the bottom up, not top down. This unique method of seed trench closing also provides these other benefits:


  • Closing wheel arm pressure can be greatly reduced
  • Seed trench is closed in the most severe conditions
  • Seed depth does not have to be raised to insure emergence
  • Soil above the seed is loose allowing quicker emergence in a compaction-free environment
  • Sidewall compaction is eliminated