WA1517 Original Row Cleaner

The original tooth wheel row cleaner. First choice for no-till and ridge till planting.

  • Rigidly mounted directly to planter unit face plate
  • Easily adjustable in 1/4″ increments with lift assist handle and spring
  • Trouble free welded axles
  • 15″ wheels, largest on the market
  • 3/8″ thick, high strength, right and left toothed steel wheels
  • Stationary triple lip seal
  • Heavy gauge oval dust cap
  • Tapered bearings
  • Internal Deflectors can be added to aid in clearing tough residue from the teeth and to reduce the amount of trash that is tumbled forwardThe Martin Original Row Cleaner clears the widest path of any tooth wheel row cleaner on the market. The 15″ diameter wheels are made left and right in order to shed the residue better. The axles are located to the rear of the adjustable stem in order to insure a simultaneous stretching and cutting of the residue. The teeth on the cleaning wheels actually reach past the edge of the planter gauge wheel rubber. This guarantees a clear path for planter operation even at reduced speeds.The space between the teeth is wider than any competitors to enable soil to remain in place as residue is raked aside. The teeth intersect in order to reach the entire row middle and to aid in cleaning one another.Available options include internal deflectors to wipe the teeth clean in certain soil or residue situations. (Order ITD 15″ Sets). For extremely loose soil conditions, side treader wheels may be bolted to the other wheels to increase traction and flotation. (Order STW-01).

    The WA1517 is also available with 13″ hubs and wheels.